The Mixologist Tyler

Code: 10110

Dimensions:W: 12cm (4.7")H: 21cm (8.3")D: 12cm (4.7")


Tyler is a hand made large brass container.

He was originally used as a tea caddie and originates from India.

Decorated with what appears to be hounds, Tyler shows textured, tree shape finial on the lid.

With the rise of new age and contemporary tea mixers, embrace Tyler and mix cultural continents by storing your Moroccan mint in your antique Indian tea caddie.

We have dated him from 1920c.

Today this container can be used for everything, use them daily at home at work and in every room.
If you are wanting to upgrade your containers in your kitchen cupboard, bathroom or office desk you will find these containers suitable.
They also double up as a great planter for herbs. 
The Mixologist Tyler