The Mixologist Iva

Code: 10186


Iva is as set of 7 Victorian vanity box containers.

Her glass bodies are fluted Doric column style.

Her lids are in sterling silver and detailed with textured spray of lines. In the centre she has the monogram S C A intertwined.

The largest in the group measures 3.4cm width x 17.7cm height x 3.4cm depth.

The smallest in the group measure 3.8cm width x 8.8cm height x 3.8cm depth.

She dates 1904 London hallmark

Today thes containers can be used for everything, use them daily at home at work and in every room; toothbrush holder, vanilla pod container, pills and tablets box, for spices, tea leaves,  fish food jars, as a pencil holder, to name a few.
If you are wanting to upgrade your containers in your kitchen cupboard, bathroom or office desk you will find these containers suitable.


The Mixologist Iva