The Groom Ivan

Code: 10204

Dimensions:W: 13.5cm (5.3")H: 22.5cm (8.9")D: 13.5cm (5.3")


Ivan is a hand made English silver plate egg coddler.

He has a chased lid design with a hen finial

Spiral dragon design legs and contains a spirit burner.

Could not find any makeres marks on Ivan however he is possibly made by Walker and Hall based on leg design.

Today this is a usable piece for all who enjoys serving eggs for breakfast, even a fabulous way to present boiled, scramble and poached eggs at brunch!

Alternatively use the cloche cover for lights out as a candle cover.

Add water and some essential oil and burn it with a tea light.

Serving treats - fill with cashew nuts, jellybeans or any of your favourite snacks.

Use it as a centrepiece for special occasions, or just plant some mint in it.

The list will be endless.

The Groom Ivan