Earl Logan

Code: 10125

Dimensions:W: 29cm (11.4")H: 47cm (18.5")D: 28cm (11")


Logan is a large impressive Victorian hot water urn with elegant antique silver plate.

He has a large and ornate body with great chased detailing throughout. His base is of quatreform design and supported by 4 ball feet.

The maker is Ebenezer Stacey & Sons.

He dates from1870c.

The beautiful colouring and patina of Logan makes him even more desirable.

He is a very impressive fully functional piece that would grace any table or setting and weighs just under 3.5kg.

* Although the Ornate twin handles are heat resistant, we advise you to never hold any urn by the handles. Allow any hot liquid to cool prior to holding by the body. *


Earl Logan