Caring For Your Paper Mache

Tuesday 27th March 2018 at 20:13
Need some tips for caring for Papier Mache Purchases ? Here are some easy tips to keep your trys looking pretty handsome.
• Keep in dry conditions away from sunlight. 
• Ideally, papier mache should only be dusted and care taken to not rub off the paint. 
• Never use water to clean your trays, especially black or red trays. This can cause the white cloudy areas that we sometime see on vintage trays. 
• If your tray gets dirty, clean it with cotton wool dipped in soapy water. 
• When dried, polish your tray with micro crystalline wax.  This will protect it and give it a lustrous finish.
• After each use wipe it with a dry cloth. 
• If a stain appears then you can use a hint of lemon in the water for the cloth. 
• Don’t’ ever rinse or immerse your papier mache antiques in water.
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