Artisan Handmade Notebooks

Thursday 18th January 2018 at 17:00

Our Sommelier Urban collection commenced with some limited edition handmade / hand finished textile covered notebooks 

We work closely with our network of independent and off shore brands and suppliers, carefully developing and creating these charming and modern books which we have named Fabio.

Smoothing out the bubbles on our textiles covers 

Our artisian notebooks go through several handmade processes so each design is limited to a short run. 

Heat pressing to securly bond the textile to the cover 

They are hand stitched and bound at the spine.

A5 size and contains sheets of 110gsm off white dotted paper and surprise random quotations.

The clean edge trimming of the notebooks


Thes notebooks are a limited run, with only a few in each design made in the following exclusive branded prints and colours

  • Ageless Pol-ka Print in Dark Teal and Deep Mint 
  • Ageless Pol-ka Print in Navy and Dark Teal
  • Modern City Print in Navy and Dark Teal 
  • Concreate Print in Teal and Navy 
  • Concreat Print in Nay and Dark Grey
This collection is aimed to reassure our customers that antique and vintage living can mix well into modern urban living.
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